How Georgia was born:

Co-Creators Cindy Yantis and Kelly Hare met in an acting class in 1999. Not only did they become fast  friends but have seen each other through many of life’s ups and downs. Kelly is a breast cancer survivor, came through a challenging divorce and is the mom of a vibrant, independent teenage daughter. ON GEORGIA’S MIND is inspired by events stemming from her roller coaster experiences. Cindy was there through all of it. So when Kelly came to her with the idea of creating something uplifting and humorous out of what were some of her lowest lows, Cindy ran with it, creating a new backdrop and world for Georgia. Together they shaped a fresh take on a mom who’s just trying to do everything right while many times doing it wrong, and all while blogging it to the world, or at least to the people who read her blog. ON GEORGIA’S MIND hopes to inspire the survivor in all of us.   ~ Cindy Yantis & Kelly Hare

 Georgia: “How am I going to lose 25 pounds and a serious case of crow’s feet before Friday night at 7?”


Director’s Statement:

ON GEORGIA’S MIND is about survival. Survival is something that every human being can empathize with and relate to; whether it is surviving that day at work or surviving a painful past experience, we find ways to push through the murky tumultuous waters in hopes of finding stability and clarity. I was initially attracted to this project because I find strength and beauty in Georgia’s journey to accept the things she cannot change and move forward no matter how impeding the circumstances. The film views Georgia through a raw telescope that picks up on her quirks and awkwardness as she experiments with what path she should take in order to move on in life. I wanted to explore the realm of balancing the extreme emotional pain of this woman and the humorous circumstances she sometimes finds herself in. But most of all it was important to show that during our toughest times, especially for Georgia’s sake, we do not have to be polite, or have to be put together, or apologetic – we just have to survive.   ~ Montana Mann

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